Hobby? Should I have one?

Gardening, photography, traveling, writing, sketching, meeting new people, watching theatre, knitting, dancing, playing instruments, swimming, sports – these are some of the many pastimes that we all love doing. While each one of us may have one or more hobbies, pursuing activities that counteract the pressures in our daily lives is a must. Such activities give us tremendous joy and eases of the stress in our minds.

After a bad day at work or an argument with a close one or when feeling down, having a hobby helps us cheer up and restores back the lost zeal.

Personality Development

Hobbies are things we choose to do out of a love for it or because we are talented in some field. Developing a pastime and working on them on a regular basis helps us shape our personalities. When we follow our interests, we meet different people who have similar tastes and we get to learn new things from them. We expand our circle of friends and acquaintances and get more involved in our social life.

“Me” Time

It is the time that we need for ourselves, the time to explore and know ourselves better, the time that we can give ourselves the undivided attention we deserve amidst a hectic schedule. A hobby is a gift we give ourselves; the sign of respect we show to ourselves.

Helps Socialise

We bond well with others and can have meaningful conversations. Cultivating a hobby is as necessary as every other task we do in our routine life as it gives us hope and makes us look forward to good times. It also can be an alternate source of income apart from your full-time job.

Children need hobbies

For kids, exploring their talents, training and supporting them helps build their confidence, dedication and discipline. Children must have a life that goes beyond regular studies, school life and academics. It is important for them to have a passion that increases their knowledge and skills and stimulates their creativity. Hobbies trigger good mood, patience, concentration and energises a child to refocus on their studies.

Cultivating a hobby

When choosing a hobby look at your strengths and learn to improvise on it. Even if you want to learn something new make sure it does not tire you out or challenge you in a way that drains you out. Hobbies are meant to be fun activities and they should always make you happy. You could also opt in from the various hobby options available on Hobby Workspace

Share with us about your favourite hobbies in the comments section below. We would love to know how has it helped you in your life.