The Franchisee division of Hobby Workspace is a specially designed initiative which focuses on getting partners to start Hobby Workspace Activity centres all across the Globe enabling to “Enhance Your Inner Talent”We are very aware of the fact that the only way the franchisees will be successful inthe long run is by delivering quality education. We make sure that this is done by handholding the franchisee from launch to success.The Hobby Workspace franchise Centres are provided with easy to understand manuals for every aspect of operating a Hobby Workspace Centre such as Ambience docket, Accounts docket,Marketing docket, Events docket etc. Our curriculum that is being followed in all our Hobby Workspace Centres across India is also given to the franchise Centres and we ensure that it is followed.

The franchise Centre teachers, Centre head and the owner as well are given regular extensive training by our academic experts and are always available to support in any way possible.

For any queries, please contact our Franchisee Manager at 09892266692 / 09167086754 or Email at

Established in 2010, Hobby Workspace is one of the most established brands in India. Hobby Workspace is among the fastest growing networks in the country today and by starting a Hobby Workspace franchise center, you will get a chance to join a well respected educational network with 6 years of experience in the field of education.

The Hobby Workspace group has more than 6 years of experience in the Franchise sector with 8 Hobby Workspace Franchisees in Maharashtra.

The key reasons for the success that Hobby Workspace have achieved are its structured curriculum, focus on innovation, and strong commitment to delivering quality education with integrity.

There are several advantages of being a part of the Hobby Workspace family:

  • Be a part of a brand that has been in the field of education for 6 years.
  • Extensive and personalized support from an established educational brand resulting in a higher success rate.
  • Hand-holding by Franchisee Supervisors who play the role of ‘MENTOR’ and are the contact point for day-to-day queries/support.
  • Unique ‘Add-On’ revenue models ensure maximization of the premise utilization, therefore enhancing the ROI.
  • Regular e-mail contact / support / encouragement / new ideas from Academic / marketing Departments of Franchisee Cell.
  • Easy simple reporting formats to help ensure every Hobby Workspace Centre maximizes potential.
  • Unique parental involvement ideas / techniques to help establish ‘Centre’ through local ‘buzz’.
  • We will provide the franchisee with detailed manuals for every operational need of the center.
  • We will provide trusted vendors to the franchisee in the purchase of admission kits, Infrastructure etc.
  • Extensive academic support will be given to the franchisee as we will provide them with our research based curriculum and detailed session plans, which is continuously updated by our academic team at the corporate office.
  • Teacher’s guidelines for curricular and extracurricular activities will be provided.
  • Regular additional ‘revenue generating’ ideas ideated for ‘Centres’ including merchandizing, camps,extension courses etc.
  • Regular academic meets / updates/ audits to ensure best practices / high standards.
  • Progress reports to analyze feedback, sport shortcomings / weaknesses.
  • Extensive word of mouth publicity will be generated through our already existing schools.

What should Franchisee put in over the years ?

Every Franchisee plays a key role building a bigger business…

How do you succeed making your Hobby Workspace Centre the most sought Activity Centre in your area ?

Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Must visit the ‘Centre’ every day and stay in touch with key staff members.
  • Must hire quality ‘Staffers’ to make the Centre a qualified success.
  • Publicity and Promotion is the key to the success and establishment of your business. Unique ideas and material will be supplied.
  • You cannot ‘save’ on promotion.
  • Essential to plough back at least 20% of annual profits into the business to retain dynamism and leadership position.
  • Must be in sync & committed to ‘brand’ philosophy / architecture / practices.
  • Be ready to expand / grow with a dynamic thrust / commitment.
  • Be alert / proactive / aware of competitor mindset / plans / promotions.

What happens after signing the franchise agreement till your opening date ?

  • Once an agreement is signed the franchise attends a 2 day franchise orientation.
  • Key operations dockets are handed to franchise.
  • Franchise details are put up on
  • Franchise appoints centre head and staff.
  • Franchise sets a date for the launch and also selects a good chief guest.
  • Franchise staff is trained for set up and launch.
  • Franchise starts local publicity.
  • Franchise fee structure is finalized.
  • Franchise bank account is set up.
  • Franchise keeps all printing material ready.
  • Franchise starts admissions.
  • Franchise staff is trained on curriculum and receives copies of all curriculum.
  • Franchise receives Business Commencement Certificate from franchisor if centre and staff is ready.
  • Franchise launches the centre.
  • Franchise starts operations, orders admission kits.
  • Franchise hand holding continues to ensure success of centre.
  • Franchise is trained on all other programs that are revenue models of the brand.
  • Franchise starts all other revenue models.
  • Franchise is a HAPPY HOBBY success story

Q. How much investment is required to start a Hobby Workspace centre?
A. The investment would range between ₹. 4 Lakhs to ₹. 10 Lakhs depending upon the location, area & franchise module chosen.Q. When is the Franchise Fee payable?
A. Franchise Fee is paid at the time of signing the agreement.Q. Do I need to own the property or it can be started on leased / rented property?
A. Owned property is preferred, but a leased/rented property also works as we believe in making our business partners invest and earn higher returns.Q. How much area is required to start a Hobby Workspace franchise?
A. A minimum of 150 sq.ft upto 500 sq.ft area is required.Q. Do I need any certain qualifications to become your franchise?
A. The basic qualification to be a Hobby Workspace franchise is that you should be passionate to run this business with a long term vision. As far as educational qualification is concerned you should at least be a graduate.Q. Is it necessary to form a trust or a society to run a Hobby Workspace franchise?
A. For a hobby activity centre it is not mandatory that you should form a trust or society. You can run a hobby activity centre under proprietorship, partnership firm or can form a private company.

Q. I already have a business place. Can I run a Hobby Workspace franchise alongside my existing business?
A. Yes, it is absolutely possible to run a Hobby Workspace franchise alongside your existing business provided you meet our minimum requirements.

Q. Will you help us in the recruitment of our faculty and their training?
A. Yes, we do help our partners in recruitment & training of the faculty & other key persons on a regular basis.

Q. Where is the training held?
A. Training is held at one of the many designated Hobby Workspace branches.

Q. How long is the franchise agreement valid for? Is it renewable?
A. The Franchise Agreement is valid for 20 years and can be subsequently renewed thereafter at zero renewal cost.

Q. After signing the agreement, how long does it take to start operations?
A. It usually varies between 15 – 45 days for infrastructure development and set up depending upon the proposed site.

Q. Would you provide specifications for building a Hobby Workspace franchise?
A. Yes we have certain guidelines for the infrastructure development of the Hobby Workspace centre.

Q. Would the company decide the fee charged for courses or I am free to decide on my own?
A. At Hobby Workspace, we believe in a standardised fee structure. A minimum and maximum price for each course is given to you beyond which you shall be restricted.

Q. Do you help in marketing?
A. Hobby Workspace is constantly engaged in brand building activities. We would be doing our marketing activities on a larger scale but the local activities need to be undertaken by the concerned franchise. We would definitely be there to guide you regarding what activities you should do in your area.

Q. Do you provide course materials for students?
A. No , we do not provide course materials. Each area has a local vendor who can provide materials to the students enrolling for courses at Hobby Workspace. Our courses do not include material cost. Only a list of materials required is to be given to students.

Q. Is it mandatory to purchase the assets from the company?
A. We would be giving you the list of assets that would be necessary to run the centre along with the list of vendors. You are free to source this assets from any your own vendor, without compromising the quality.

Q. Which age group do your courses cater to?
A. Be it a child, housewife or a corporate, our courses are developed in such a way that they cater to each and everyone.

Q. What is the ideal teacher to student ratio recommended?
A. The ideal teacher to students ratio is usually 1:8 or 1:10.

Q. How is the Return on Investment? When can I Break Even?
A. Hobby Workspace does not commit to any return on investment as is the market norm. What we can assure you is that since the set up costs are low, the centre would break even a lot faster and the return on investments would be considerably high.

Q. Will you provide help in finding suitable location to start the franchise?
A. Yes. Once you sign the agreement, our team will assist you in evaluating the market and identify an appropriate location for your school.

Q. How much working capital is required in addition to this?
A. The working capital amount will vary depending on each location.

Q. What are the types of fees involved in the Franchise?
A. You will need to pay a non-refundable Initial Franchise Fee at the beginning of the Franchise term. On a continuing basis, you will also be required to pay royalty fees that are a percentage of your sales turnover for that period on a monthly basis.

Q. What form of continuing operational guidance will I receive?
A. We have a support team to provide guidance and extend support to our business partners for infrastructure set up, class observations, curriculum implementation, quality checks and conducting training programs for teachers at regular intervals. We also have surprise visits by our directors to check whether the centre is performing in the right manner.

Q. Is Financing available?
A. We do not provide financing.

Q. How would the online admission process work?
A. When we receive an admission for you on our portal, we would be sharing the admission details with you. After successfully allocating the batch, the payment after deduction of Service Tax + Bank Charges + Royalty would be credited to your bank account within 7-10 working days.

Q. Do we need to open a bank account?
A. Our franchisees don’t need to open a bank account. They would only be required to have a personal bank account. They can take payments on the name of the company & the same would be transferred to them on their personal account within 48 hours.

Kindly Mail Us on after filling up Franchisee Form for further Assistance.

For queries, please contact our Franchisee Manager at 09892266692 / 09167086754

Franchisee Testimonials


I can honestly say that Hobby Workspace has been there since day one. We are going on since 4 years and they are still there.
Pratik Jadhav, Hobby Workspace Thane

Owning a Hobby Workspace franchise has allowed me to fulfil my desire of running a successful and exciting business. Being an owner of a small business takes confidence, pride and creativity. Thank you Hobby Workspace for supporting me in my big dreams!
Shweta Jain, Hobby Workspace Ghatkopar

I am happy with my decision to own a Hobby Workspace Franchise. I strongly believe in ‘Hobby Workspace’ way of conducting business and appreciate the perfect road map you have created for success.
Pratik Chajjed, Hobby Workspace Kalyan

The support from head office has been nothing but superlative. I have always been given the help I needed from the very beginning and it continues today. The quality of head office people is second to none. Co-founders themselves are thorough professionals and they keep us motivating at every point. No problem is too trivial for them and no franchisee is left adrift. Their actions constantly prove their dedication to the success of every franchise.
Priyanka Gadhve & Shweta Tilve, Hobby Workspace Vashi